Re: Retrofit CAT on older QCX (serial #675) #cat

Gregg Myers

Hi Bernie,

For Rev 4 (aka older boards) Brent, AB1LF, had the excellent suggestion in using a Sparkfun 'FTDI Basic' interface and to make use of four unused solder pads on the QCX to make a really nice header on the QCX for CAT Control to my PC. You can search for Brent's original post in the forum. I just followed what Brent showed in his post. In the pictures below, the TX and RX labels are from the perspective of the FTDI 'USB to Serial Converter' side. On the QCX side, the TX and RX are reversed as per the schematic. It worked out great for me. See my pictures below.

Gregg w7grm

On Tue, May 12, 2020 at 8:01 AM Julian Opificius <n4jo@...> wrote:
I think it's only on V5 boards. It's on my V5 20m unit, but not on my V4 40m unit.
Look at chapter 4.28 on page 106 of the V5 manual. You'll see the 3-pin header connection on the board edge, at the north east corner of the processor on V5 boards. I'm not sure if or where it exists V4 or before, hopefully somebody else knows this.

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