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Richard Hall

Please forgive me, Hans, I have desecrated your lovely work of art.
This PA was botched beyond redemption. I shorted the pads of Q1 and could not resolve the short even with Q1 removed. But your amazing T/R circuitry was intact and I needed a T/R switch so...
This mod seems to work. It even does QSK. Do you think it will destroy my QCX?
Suggested mod: Something similar could be done with a (not botched) PA. Just interrupt the circuit at C16 and add a BNC for the receive antenna.
Suggested kit: an outboard T/R switch using the same pin-diode circuitry with maybe a pass through for the PTT signal to key a following PA. This would be especially useful for the lower bands. One of the few high-end features missing from QCX is provision for a receive antenna.
Richard NS3C

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