Re: U3S not getting decodes #u3s

James Anderson

Hello Brian. 

I would 2nd what Ken has just said. 

The 6m waterfall has huge drift. I use the OCXO to prevent this. 

I can get Zero drift on most TX periods but occasionally. Park mode utilised etc. 
Can you receive your own signal to check for drift?
I also use Argo to see a better interpretation of my signal as it happens. 

It’s as we all know an unpredictable band and also the output power of my 2nd U3S struggles a bit on output power. Very low but perfect to drive the10w linear.
This U3S is an early version.

I’m working on the 10w linear to give it a bit more Oomph but even then I’m not expecting any miracles. 

All the best with it. James. 

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