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scot forshaw

Hi Hans,

I’m a very well seasoned developer, it would be fairly easy to be honest. Although with so many OS options maybe via a Pi or Arduino would be easier. Arduino can act as an be fed web sever very easily... I’d the serial port of the Arduino can be linked to the QCXthenlet me know by return and I will take a look. 

Arduino I say becaus it’s cheP disposable and bucket proof, boots in seconds and has no need for apache or PHP type apps to become a capable web server. 

Let me know on the possibility of reading off the CAT codes using the Arduino a serial interface,I’m out walking at the moment and stopped for a smoke.

If you get the above, “I’ll do the rest” :)


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On 6 May 2020, at 15:07, Gregg Myers <gregg.w7grm@...> wrote:

This is a good idea. While not exactly a webpage, several Remote Desktop sharing programs will stream audio from a remote computer. TeamViewer is one such Remote Desktop solution that is both secure and free for non-commercial use. The QCX audio would simply go to the line input on the remote computer, and all CAT control could also be done via the remote computer. Some custom QCX CAT control software on the remote computer would be nice. In my vision of the ultimate remote station, I would be using a real Morse key/paddle to key the transmitter. I guess that could be rigged up somehow....

Good things to think about.


On Wed, May 6, 2020 at 7:55 AM Julian Opificius <n4jo@...> wrote:

Great idea.
It would need a web server running somewhere, and an interface. Wouldn't be practical to piggy back onto the QCX - shortage of ports and code space - so an external one would be necessary: a Raspberry Pi or any of the Ethernet-enabled Arduinos, or maybe even an ESP-8266 (with level shifting) would be suitable.
Regarding interface, if all the commands into the QCX could be handled with a CAT interface, all that remains is audio. There is streaming technology available. My one-minute search took me to...

and the rabbit hole goes deep quickly...

Then "all" that remains is some scripting to tie it all together, and a user interface.

Sadly I don't have the time to do it just at the moment - I'm still (fortunately) gainfully employed and busier than a one-armed paper hanger - but there's talent here a-plenty: someone will probably have it done by sundown...

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