Re: QCX-SSB: SSB with your QCX transceiver

Bill Cromwell

Hello Jack,

Do you have any guess when the book might appear for sale?


Bill KU8H

On 4/30/20 12:14 PM, jjpurdum via wrote:
The Arduino IDE can compile code for the: STM32 ("Blue Pill"), the ESP32, and the Teensy 4.0. Indeed Al and I are using all of those in the new /Projects /book. All that is required is the installation of a software patch and off you go. The patch includes all of the core libraries and the requisite code generator. While there are a few quirks compiling with some of the microcontrollers, we have yet to find code that we couldn't compile within the Arduino IDE.
Jack, W8TEE
On Thursday, April 30, 2020, 11:49:22 AM EDT, Jim Koehler <jark@...> wrote:
I am gob-smacked at how much functionality Guido has been able to pack into the AtMEGA!  I would think the cheap little
'blue pill' using the STM32F103 would be a much more powerful substitute.  It has a very fast A/D, 128K of FLASH and 20K of RAM,
a 72 MHz clock and costs a few bucks.  There's an excellent free C compiler (GNU ARM) and a good, free library (libopencm3).
I can imagine a really small, inexpensive SSB QRP rig with just a few components using his ideas and this controller.
Jim, VE5FP
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