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Hi all, please remember me the last hour and frequency on 40 mts band  for QCX QSO Party today , I will be QRV.
Juan HK6J 

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El 27/04/2020, a la(s) 10:35 a. m., George Korper <georgekorper@...> escribió:

Yes that is on point. You Sir have an amazing antenna! 

Sorry if I digressed.
But the fact remains you have the right ANTENNA. Directional,  high and obviously working. It is a different world with a great antenna.

On Mon, Apr 27, 2020, 10:18 AM g4edg via <> wrote:
OK, so back to the subject matter.

I heard Hans TA4/G0UPL calling CQ at the start of the activity hour, RST 529, I called him but didnt get a reply.

I had 3 QCX to QCX QSOs, DK3UW, OK2BQN and SM7RYR, all on or around 14.060.

A couple of SOTA stations also showed up, OK2BDF/P and HB9EVF/P both QRP I guess.

Also 2 QRO stations in the shape of F5MDM and RX6FJ.

I was using my QCX at 4watts and a 3 element triband yagi at 10m.

73 Steve G4EDG

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