Re: 5W Power Amp and the U3S; Options for a few watts

K2DB Paul Mackanos

Sam, Yes, I ordered tiny 5 volt fans from Amazon, and I carefully laid them out and drilled holes for them with a drill press to make sure that they were straight .I glued a little piece of screening over the holes, and mounted one blowing in and one blowing out. I added a 1/8 inch nylon spacer that I picked up from Ace Hardware, and all the other screws and nuts I also got at Ace Hardware. If you are not using the 160 LPF, you will not need the spacer as it will fit. As far as the GPS goes, I mounted a little 12 volt to 5 volt (which is adjustable to any voltage under what you feed it with) converter. I use this to power the GPS and The Ultimate 3S.
Are use the 12 V power supply coming in to feed the 5 watt amplifier. If you want me to look up the part number from Amazon for the fans and the little converter, I can do that for you.

On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 6:50 PM Samuel KJ4VPI <sernstfortin@...> wrote:
Very interesting. Looks good. OK, how does air get into and out of the case? Did you drill some holes below the fan so it could pull in air through them?
How does air exit the case?
Where did you get the longer nylon spacers?
73 Sam, Kj4VPI

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