Re: 5W Power Amp and the U3S; Options for a few watts

K2DB Paul Mackanos

If you play around a lot you can mount the GPS module upside down on the top part of the case with a 5 V power supply and it will all fit, it will just fit I’m still not finished.
Paul K2DB
You will have to run an external GPS antenna, I’ve got that in there temporarily but I’m gonna run it out to the DB nine connector.

On Tue, Apr 14, 2020 at 12:04 PM Samuel KJ4VPI <sernstfortin@...> wrote:
Will the 5W HF power amplifier fit in the U3S case? I saw I think in an application note AN004 that it could be mounted behind the Relay Board and the 5LPFs mounted to it. 

In my case (ha ha ha) I have the GPS module, because I am powering an external GPS antenna. So what I'd like to know... if I wished to retain the GPS board in the case, and presuming the 5W PA heatsink would collide with the GPS module, could I run wires to Q5 and Q7 and have the heatsink on the outside of the case?

Otherwise, if I wanted to try out a 2W external amp, all I have to do is remove a capacitor (C5) and route the RF off the board and back on at the indicated places in AN004, right?

73 Sam, KJ4VPI

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