Re: Progrock Request

geoff M0ORE

I have never, ever used the programming DIP switch. Used the serial input every time. Much quicker and you get a readout on the screen so you can see what you have done. I used an eight pin IC holder in place of the DIP switch and made a plug to fit which earths the pin to put into programming mode and connects the data to the PC via the Arduino dongle.

On 07/04/2020 19:13, Mike wrote:
OK, I've been playing with a Progrock today and I've worn out my fingers 
typing in repetitive frequencies over and over again to adjust for drift and 
signal requirements.
Please, come the next software release, can we have a means to step up and 
down a register a predetermined amount. Not sure the best way to implement it 
but it woud be nice if it could be done for serial controlled and dil switch 
controlled units.

But not if its taking time out of the QSX development...

stay safe and covid free, 73 Mike

p.s. my 6m 24/7 wspr reporter receiver now operational from IO70 locator - all

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