"7.1 - Release of the Magic smoke" v 50W PA #magicsmoke #smoked


This afternoon for your reading pleasure  bring you
"7.1 - Release of the Magic smoke"

A couple weeks ago went to do alignment and fuse on ps I used blew.  Set all side.  Yesterday thought about hooking it all up again.  Used another ps and spare power lead ... that lead got WARM enough to notice immediately.  Figured lead was too wimpy, needed to follow the advice as found in 7.2 paragraph one.

"Use THICK cables from power supply to the Amplifier, to avoid voltage drop."

Made a lead with THICKER cable. 

Got situated.

Jiffy Pop x 2 = Magic Smoke

I thought I was good all the way around and going to heat the ionosphere tonight.

I'm not in hurry to do anything with the unit at this time.  Go ahead and share your thoughts your own magic smoke adventures, or any other amusing mayhem.

Have a nice weekend.


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