QCX interchangeability of toroids

Mike Easterbrook

Hi All
Due to a problem with my keyboard skills (I'm sure it isn't  a sinister marketing ploy ..... joke!) - both times I have ordered a QCX kit I have received two.  No problem - I thoroughly enjoy the construction & troubleshooting challenges, which are good therapy for my age related declining skills (try changing IC1 with shaky hands!) also welcome activity during "stay home" restrictions.

So I have 2 x 30m and 2 x 40m kits.  Question is can I re-purpose the spare kits to other bands by simply winding the coils with the appropriate number of turns or are the toroids themselves only suitable for the original bands?

Sorry if this is a stupid or duplicate question - my searching skills aren't too hot either!

Thanks Mike 9M2LXM/9V1lX

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