Re: The Light APRS Reciever

Mustafa Tan

Hi Gregor,

Dorji DRA818V's RX module is problematic. There are a lot of issues to resolve. To resolve these issues we have to use extra components. That's the main reason we didn't enable it.

So you have 2 options:

1) To connect another RF module with RX capability (such as LORA) via I2C pins.

2) Reading sensors (altitude, pressure, location, etc.) and trigger commands if conditions met.


On Fri, Apr 3, 2020 at 4:05 PM Gregor DL9MEU <dl9meu@...> wrote:

We, as a local group of HAMs are just starting with a HAB project together with some students of the local school. Geofence would be a useful feature for us, thank you for that offer.

We can see world wide a quite big number of similar projects related to education. Nearly all these projects are HAB because of more educational possibilities.

Light APRS has unique features, the I2C bus and is open source. A lot of experiments demand a kind of control from the control station. In our case to separate the balloon, others to release a small model plane or start / stop other experiments. The Dorji TX/RX has already implemented CTCSS / CDCSS. The weight of the TRX for this kind of balloons is not as critical as for pico balloons, the same goes for the power supply. It would be great for all educational groups if there would be an specific HAB Light APRS.
At the moment, we have a Corona lockdown, I not even can reach my Light APRS, it is in the club station… But may be we can use the time to find out, if there will be more demand for a RX/TX HAB Light APRS and what specification needed. Maybe there will be a chance for a new member of the Light APRS Family.

Stay home, Stay healthy
73 de Greg, DL9MEU

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