Re: What to do with High Fuse set to 0xD9 #qcx

Alan G4ZFQ

I have a QCX Rev 4 with 1.00g firmware.  AVRDUDESS detects the chip and the fuses read L: 0xF7, H: 0xD9, E: 0xFC.
Hans has said that this means that the "preserve EEPROM contents through chip erase" fuse has not been set.  Do I leave it alone and write the hex file?  If I'm to change it, is there a process?

This seems to confirm that somehow some have been sent with incorrect fuse settings.
Do not update the flash until the fuses are correct.

My page here gives the process.
With Avrdudess enter the correct values in the "Fuses lock bits" section. "Write" sets them.

N3MNT, the problem has occurred before Hans made the fuse change. As he said the effect will not be noticed. It is just him making the code as perfect as he can.
(The latest values are L 0xD7, H 0xD1, E 0xFC see

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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