Re: Upgrade to 1.04 Messed up three chips

Mike Besemer - WM4B

Contact Hans directly. I did the same thing. There is a checkbox in a AVRDudess it needs to be checked to prevent overriding the eeprom data.  Naturally I noticed it right after I click 'go'. 


On Mar 17, 2020 7:46 AM, buddybrownn5bud@... wrote:
I tried to upgrade my QCX to 1.04 unsuccessfully. Using programmers and software that has worked several times before I installed version 1.04, beginning with one chip.
When the software said that the upgrade was successful, I went ahead and programed the other two chips. Then the disappointment,upon booting the QCX, the display showed
"USE ORIGINAL IC". What happened and what can be done to recover from this?

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