Re: Powering the QCX 50 amp via LIPO battery #sota

Curt wb8yyy


the main factor might be the current capacity of those batteries - I recall something like 5 amps may be required?  check Hans clear instructions on voltage and current. 

note the amplifier is a huge factor if you only have 13.8 volts available just now - 3 watts to 25 watts is a much huger jump in dB than 25 to 50 watts.  the former is around 2 s-units, the later is about half an s-unit, assuming 6 dB per s-unit. 

my amplifier is nearing completion .... I plan to initially use it at the lower voltage, until I am confident all is well with it.  and that may be enough of a boost. 

73 curt wb8yyy

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