Re: QCX 40 NO POWER OUTPUT #40m #qcx40 #problem

Greg Walters


I tried to switch it with practice mode on and off. No difference.

I think the issue is way before the output areas. My voltages are off all over the board, as noted above. I can't even trust the on board test equipment because it gives me false readings. 

I don't have any fancy equipment to troubleshoot this better. I don't have a lot of time either. 

I'm half tempted to sell this broken thing to someone who has the time and tools to troubleshoot and fix it. I'll gladly buy and build another one as I love building these radios. This was the first one I built and has been running the longest. I think I have built 3 maybe 4 others since then. 

If anyone would be interested in buying my broken QCX 40, I'd sell it cheap, you pay shipping. Maybe $20? It is mounted in a custom box, but I'd pull it out of that so I could put the new 40 in there. The switches are all mounted both on and off board. The key input, and audio jack are mounted off board. The RF out is also off board. And the display is off board. I've attached a photo for anyone interested. 


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