Re: hot glue toroids


Glues ad other...

Consider the real need.  If you are physically doing things that
need toroids anchored remember the LCD is GLASS.

Common RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) adhesives are
acetic base (acid) cured which is very bad for electronics.  There are
those designed with a different cure system (safe for food and fish)
that are OK.   Generally I don't use it as its messy!  Also impossible
to get off anything or doesn't stick at all!

Hot-melt glues, the general hobby types are ok for HF and a small
dab is more than enough.  I do use it but it too can be messy.

Cyanoacrylic, aka Superglue and Eastman 910, others, are very
good fast set glues but low strength.  I buy it as sold to hobby 
and model builders at the 1-3oz sizes under the brand name
Zap (they have several versions).

Goop and other clear adhesives are ok as well but messy and
use Toluene solvent.  Very strong!

Blutack, and similar,  ok but use only  a little.  I'd avoid it.

Epoxies, ok if not metal filled.  May represent extreme overkill!
Near impossible to remove with pout power tools!

Materials use for potting or encapsulating, avoid!  Most will impact
tuning of coils some and are often near impossible to remove.

If you think you may have to fix it, ever, then NONE OF THE ABOVE!

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