Re: clock and gps #clock

Carl NQ3U

when I built mine, being a typical guy, I didn't read the manual very closely.  When I powered it on and got past the diagnostic screen the clock started and I was getting indications that the GPS was receiving signals, but no LAT/LON displayed!!!  I spent some time looking at all the boards, components, soldering, and everything looked correct to my eyes.  It was a little confounding until I RTFM, Page #8 GPS mode Settings are initially 0 - GPS is not used at all. The kit is in free-running mode, it will run from it's 20MHz crystal oscillator.  I changed that setting to 2 and PRESTO, I magically got LAT/LON displayed.
There are also some programming hints and examples of how others have programmed their displays on the QRP Lab Web site.
I immediately upgraded my display from the 2 line display to the 4 line display and love it.
I'm still working on a custom case layout for it.  The case is the difficult part for me.


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