Re: hot glue toroids

Jim KK0U

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 11:33 AM, @CurtisM wrote:
I suggest no need for QCX to seal the windings in place. 
I would second that.  I have a 25+ year-old NN1G 40-40 kit that still gets use, has been on many outings and has been dropped, kicked and generally abused (I'm not condoning any of these practices).

Apart from having to replace the final transistor once or twice (it doesn't like transmitting into an open circuit), it's never needed any of the several toroid coils re-aligned, and they are held in place only by the solder on the magnet wire.

However, if your intent is to really ruggedize it, full speed ahead!

73, Jim KK0U

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