Re: QCX 40 NO POWER OUTPUT #problem #40m #qcx40

Greg Walters

Thanks Alan,

I should clarify that this rig worked perfectly until I let a friend borrow it. He plugged it in and tuned his antenna, but discovered it didn't have any power output. He tried my 20 meter rig also, and the same thing happened there. I did a "factory reset" on the 20 meter QCX and went back through the alignment of it. Not much changed, and it started putting power out. 5.3 watts or so with 13 volts. 

Since that worked on the 20 meter, I tried the same on this 40. I needed a lot of adjustment with the alignment. But still doesn't have any power out. 

I just checked receive, tunes appropriately, and receives nicely as before. I found a great very strong signal running 15-20 wpm and the decoder only put Ts on the screen for each dit or dah. 

Just out of curiosity, I tried checking out the RF while connected to the antenna. When I did, and keyed up, I lost receive. I cycled the power and receive came back. I keyed while not in test equipment, and it kept on with the receive. When I went to the menu and selected RF, without even checking, as soon as I keyed, the receive went out. 

This is a very interesting issue. 

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