QCX 40 NO POWER OUTPUT #problem #40m #qcx40

Greg Walters

OK. I posted this once with a few measurements using the on board test equipment. 

Tonight, I began to go over it again taking all measurements, again with the on board test equipment. I began to get weird readings, so I broke out my Fluke 77III and checked those voltages again. They were definitely off. I checked Clk1 and with the on board it was varying, but went to 0 after I keyed up. It wouldn't show voltage again until I turned the radio off then back on again. With the Fluke, after keying up without using the on board first, the voltage stayed steady at 1.7, but if I checked it with the on board, it would read 0 just the same after keying. 

For example, Clk 0 on the on board, was varying between 1.53 and 1.81. On the Fluke, it was rock steady at 1.70. So, I used my Fluke to take all the measurements listed below. 

I will list them as they are on pages 128 and 129 of the manual. 

T1 pins 1,2.3, & 4--0
T1 pin 5--2.53 
T1 pin 6--2.52
T1 pin 7--2.52

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