Re: U4B Flight Testing has begun


Hi Glen,  As Tim said the back of the solar panels are pretty warm. This rig has a 1/16" piece of foam with the solar panels glued on the top and just under that is the radio in a foam box. Ambient temperatures are in the -45c range and the radio often reports temperatures above freezing. The U4B has the potential to switch telemetry and can send tele of other the sensors in alternate transmissions ... so on future flights we will report inside and outside temps and .. .perhaps gama radiation and cloud cover on the earth's reflectivity.... a simple indicator with a down facing solar cell to tell if you are flying over clouds. The current  data indicates U4B1 may have a broken solar panel limiting the current to mid day tx only.... The firmware Hans has made, will have potential to stop reporting its normal 10 minute tx so frequently and after a few months of flying ( or predetermined time ), check in once a day as not to clutter up the bands. Even using these cheap chinese balloons, there is the potential to stay aloft for 1/2 a year or more.. and that could be too much reporting for the bands. Next flight we will probably try a few more things out.  The U4B1 is headed north for a few days and without a battery on board this flight,  I expect it will be silent till Valentines day.

73 Dave VE3KCL 

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