Re: U4B Flight Testing has begun

Tim Wiwel

On ours, I glued the Tx to the back of the solar cell with no other insulation.  We are seeing temps as high as +12C with ambient of -45C.  Just about every day the first packet is seen at about -20C on board.  On board temps have ranged from -24C to +12C with ambient from -65C to -40C.    The on board temp tracks well with the battery voltage. 

On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 11:30 AM Glen Leinweber <leinwebe@...> wrote:

Been watching where they note that up north, the stratosphere
is unusually cold, creating some amazingly colourful crystal clouds. Apparently
they may appear when temperature is -80C.
I'm curious what steps Dave has taken to keep his "package" temperature so
warm (looks like about 0 C)?

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