Re: No output, Reason to worry #qcx #40m

George Korper

Thanks. Take a close look for solder bridges on top and bottom of board. It's tough if you don't have spare parts,  that 
has been a problem for me in Mexico so I hope it isn't a component. Solder pads are very close together and on a cursory scan I eventually spotted one pad that was really two I had bridged.
I recently soldered a component and the solder went down the leg and bridged the board on the component side!

It ain't easy but you will see something
As for skill at this, my company sent me to China to a factory where there are woman who can assemble 12 radios probably in a day ( hi hi). And they are cute and cheerful! I don't recall them boasting. 

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George - I'm working on it...

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