No output, Reason to worry #qcx #40m


No output power on my QCX40.  LPF is continuous from end to end.

On the Troubleshooting page, Hans says, in reference to IC3:

"Again the 0V and 5V in this chart, should measure pretty close to 0V and 5V. 4.8V, 4.9... fine... 0.1V, fine... but if you see 1V somewhere, then that is a reason to worry. "

I get 1 volt (+/- 0.02) on pin 9, whether in transmit or receive.  Microcontroller pin 17 (SigOut) shows continuity with pin 9 of IC3.  My microcontroller is rev T1.00g, and it is installed correctly, with pin 1 at the top-right corner.

Do I need to continue looking for a wiring fault, or just replace the microcontroller?

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