Re: 50W amplifier: power rating of TR switch


The 1N4007 is a 1A diode.

That is a magic intersection for power and current 1A into 50 ohms is 50W.
So for higher power you need a heftier diode with good RF switching and
they are both scarce or your forced to a RF PIN device at higher cost
as those for HF use do not go cheap.

At 120W (out I presume) that's well over 1.4A and you will need a heaftier diode.

Look here for another design for low power
thats the Jim Kortge MagicBox.

That said I've run 1N4007 in parallel for a 100W amp but you need a few changes
to get that to work.  Also the reverse bias derived from the RF has to be higher so
the diodes used there also need higher voltage rating while sill rectifying at RF.
Scaling up to higher power is not trivial or easy.

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