Re: QCX 50W Amp PS


From mains power linear regulator will be quieter for certain.  However the output device
(3055 or 3773) will need a heatsink.

Its often hard for me to comment on power as the station here is fully off grid
Solar (600W) and a big NiCd (150ah and 160 pounds weight) for the main battery
and 60ah for backup.   So 12V nominal operation via battery is the norm. All gear
that requires higher voltages like 28V amps and 48V amps for VHF/UHF use
system specific DC-DC up converters.

The only use for power supplies is the bench or when I need to travel.  Travel can
mean mains based power (or genset for FD), Hybrid (solar+battery+ genset), or
portable as in light weight and only battery (typically LipPo) and maybe small solar.

All that said for something that wants say 20V for testing its bench or a laptop power
supply (brick on a rope).  Longer term operation I use battery (nominal 12V) and if
higher voltages are needed I have a few Upconverters (DC-DC) designed, packaged,
and built for very low noise.  Or cheat and use a 12 to 110V DC to AC converter and
then use the brick on a rope.  The latter is usually temporary (expedient) as conversion
efficiency is never better than 65%.  I see the 20V issue as a non problem.

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