Which manual do I use?

Leland L. Bahr

I decided to buy another QCX-40.  I live in the US.  I ordered the radio on Jan 1.  I downloaded REV-5 Manual Jan 7.  I got a shipment notice the radio was shipped from the US on Jan 8.  No shipping info nor any serial number given.  Just that it was shipped from the US.  I recently read QCX boards were out of stock and not expected to be available again until the middle of January.  So that is what I know.  My concern is which manual do I use to build the radio once it gets here?  Will I get a Rev-4 or Rev-5 board?   I would hate to think I need to throw away the Rev-5 manual and have to reprint 9 zillion pages for a Rev-4 manual for a radio I have not yet received.  If I had known about all this, I would not have printed out the BIG Rev-5 manual and had it bound until I knew which manual to download.  Personally I think communications are poor!
Lee, w0vt

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