Re: QCX 50 Watt PA what is the max current for 50 watts.


I assumed by reading the IFR510 specs.  that I should add about 85 ma.  

 I re-performed the adjautment last night with about the same results.  

That got me thinking.  I have the qcx powered with 12 volts.  The qcx is putting out about 2 watts.   I adjust the qcx voltage up to 13 volts.The power out was 3 1/4 watts.
 I then connected the PA and my output was about 45 watts.

I was just following Hans suggested setup,  placing the qcx at 12 volts.   

With the PA attenuator envolved,  That must really knock the QCX down alot.  So maybe the amp is working ok.
 If I modify the attenuator for 2 watts input from the qcx @ 12 volts, then that may correct the issue

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