Re: Anyone have a dead QCX with a good receiver?

Andrea Massucco IZ1IVA

Il giorno 09 gen 2020, alle ore 16:56, Alan G4ZFQ <alan4alan@...> ha scritto:

Are they really as strong as described in the manual?
They definitely are.

The tone signal is fed into the input of the LPF, there is not much between that and the antenna socket.
True, but there are many stages after that HI! I’d say the core of the receiver, the many op-amps, etc. Lots and lots of components and solder joints…
The alignment tone is strong enough to pierce whatever roadblock there is, not so real radio signals.

How old is it? This sort of fault was rectified very early in the life of the QCX. Look at the mods page, maybe something is faulty on one of the pins that power the micro.
Late 2017, but it developed this issue only very recently.

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