Re: Anyone have a dead QCX with a good receiver?

Alan G4ZFQ

I wonder what would happen if it were faulty, open or short circuit, what would be the symptoms? I'm not an expert but I think either way all that would happen is that the filter would not be so effective.
In my case I can barely hear signals which in reality are pretty strong, and that’s with maxed-out gain… and a quiet room HI!
I would not think that C17 would do that but maybe I'm wrong.

I did A-B comparisons with another radio and the same antenna, I’d say signals are down a good 30+ dB. On the other hand, alignment tones are loud and clear.
Are they really as strong as described in the manual? The tone signal is fed into the input of the LPF, there is not much between that and the antenna socket.

My QCX was working perfectly before, only recently has developed this fault, plus the microcontroller isn’t starting anymore when first powered on (cold boot). I’m really puzzled!
How old is it? This sort of fault was rectified very early in the life of the QCX. Look at the mods page, maybe something is faulty on one of the pins that power the micro.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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