Re: 4 line display for qrplabs clock


Ron, Jim:

Terry King has a bunch of Arduino-related stuff as well as displays:

While not the cheapest, he has lots of info about what he sells and sample code you can use to experiment with. His 20x4 displays are about $10, but support the I2C interface so they use fewer I/O pins. Plenty of info on it if you're not sure about I2C (which is supported by the Arduino family of processors).

While perhaps not the cheapest stuff on the planet, you'll be supporting someone who stands behind what they sell and genuinely wants to be helpful.

Jack, W8TEE

On Wednesday, January 8, 2020, 11:02:27 PM EST, Ron NR8O <ron.rollinson@...> wrote:


If you have the time, you can get these pretty inexpensively out of China. I've ordered a couple and they work and look great. Do a search for '20x4 lcd module'. You can sort by price, low to high, or even specify if you want to buy from a seller in the U.S.

Ron NR8O

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