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Hello Steve,

I have both the LC100A and the LC200A and I much prefer the LC200A.
MFJ sells it for $89+ but I got mine for less than half that.
I recently watched a video where an OM did a tear-down of an LC200A.

You can find User Manuals online for both LC-Meters.
The LC100A is an open PCB with an LCD mounted on top.
The LC200A comes in an enclosure, with a power supply.

Then there is the VK3BHR LC-Meter V2 by Phil Rice, if you prefer to DIY.
It is based on the AADE LC Meter by Neil Hecht, who passed away in 2015.

Or, there is also the LC Tester by Bill Carver.
No microcontroller. Built dead-bug style.

I recommend staying away from Electronics DIY kits.
I built that kit many years ago and had a lot of trouble getting it to work.
Finally, I found a forum that had a way to fix the problem.
But I am unable to find that now.
Electronics-DIY was no help at all. They just sell stuff.

This is another kit that I built. It is okay for the price.
It just does capacitance.

Ken, KM4NFQ "Not Fully Qualified"

On Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 5:18 PM Steve in Okinawa <@Okisteve> wrote:

I've bought two of these off eBay since someone recommended in this group recommended them, but neither has worked. They power up but apparently the oscillator is kaput. They were from different EBay sellers but are identical so probably from a defective manufacture lot that was not actually tested. Does anyone have a recommendation for a seller who has good units? I'm exhausted from getting refunds!
Steve JS6TMW

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