Re: QCX Mobile with New Amp

George Korper

For the last several years I have made and sold a 40 watt stationary bike for exercise and emergency power.
I have the complete plans if you would like them. I average 1 and 1/4 hrs a day and it keeps my 8 hr.LI ion charged, it
generates more than enough power for radios, and cell phones. Of course I have an off grid solar setup to supplement the bike.
Since  my bike is stationary I don't anticipate legal problems. It is easy to QSO from the bike as I peddle. I have not sold many to hams, mainly Preppers. I tried selling to Hams and submitted an article to QST that was rejected. There are exceptions but the number of hams that 
want to peddle are few. I can send you the article that was rejected by QST if you like. Kids like to generate power for a few minutes, but frankly the bikes are not made properly and try to make too many watts. The average adult can generate about 25 watts for the hours necessary to keep a station running over the long hours that are necessary in an emergency. Much more in Mexico where I live and the people are accustomed to long strenuous hour of work. If you peddle with legs and then trade off using the upper arms, even my military version takes practice and good conditioning for long duration. 

On Sun, Dec 22, 2019 at 11:21 AM KEN G4APB via Groups.Io <> wrote:
When visiting the flying doctor museum in VKland, I saw how hard the outback kids had to peddle their bicycle generators to power their ‘school on the air’, valve transceivers. You are gonna need a long downhill run and some frantic peddling to power your 50Watt QRO rig (as you haven’t mentioned the 100Whr 24v lorry battery you could need otherwise). Will you be also using 30wpm+ to achieve the qso in time?? What an operator you must be!!!  hi hi.

vy 73 de ken g4apb 

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