Re: QCX Displayed Frequency vs CW Offset #qcx #manual

Dan Pflugrath

Yes my calibration was off my by offset frequency of 600 Hz.  For me it is hard to make the adjustment by zero beat so I used my FT450 as a standard and set both radios to the same frequency.  I then adjusted the QCX to give the same CW note tone on both radios where I can hear the beat frequency between both radios.  This allowed me to get real close.  I checked the RBN and found that with the RBN resolution I am right on as you described with display now showing the transmit frequency on receive.  Checked it out with a contact between here in Seattle to Denver 1,000 miles with a 559 report.  Still one more check as described by Dave k0mbt below to verify the same CW note when switching from CW to CW-R.  
Thanks  73 Dan KA7GPP

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