Re: Scanning feature for QCX

George Korper

I wasn't thinking about any feedback mechanism that would dwell on an incoming signal,
just starting and stopping by hand so you don't have to sit over the radio and turn, turn, turn to see if the band is open.
That would be very simple and a quick practical implementation. I don't like jostling the little radio each time I want to go from 14,000 to 14,065
or 14,045-14,065 listening for activations, etc.

 A modest request for semi automation ( hi hi ) Now I go to the 1 khz rate, but notice that i do this
manually every few minutes as the band in the recent past goes open for short times and it is easy to miss activity.

You can learn a lot by listening to the band and you don't need WSPR or an SDR . For me it is music. 

On Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 4:56 AM Dennis Shelton <nadie1943@...> wrote:

Great idea, not likely to happen. The firmware is already "full up." If enough present features were removed, scanning might be possible, though I doubt many would support this. On the other hand, Hans is quite the wizard, so he might conceive of something.

On 12/17/2019 10:24 PM, George Korper wrote:
Being a relative newcomer to the group I would like to ask if anyone
has suggested adding a scanning feature to the QCX. If I could press a button and have
the QCX scan the band or a patch of the band as I listen, without having to turn the encoder,
I could hunt and pounce while I do other things around the shack, like build more QCX's. 
The scan feature would have a start, a stop, and automatic return, and use the three frequency speeds. 
20 is awful quiet and lightly populated where I live so just hearing other stations pop up would be a sign to listen around and operate.

Now I don't mind looking like a fool if this is possible already, and I am missing it in the manual.
 I think it would be a great sales feature for those of us who don't
want to use CAT or a computer. Hans makes the firmware and actually I think this would not
be to difficult to add to Other. Hans if your listening, what am I missing here?

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