Re: Gin and Tonic distillery (weird tower)

David Wilcox

As an aside from an old family Doc, the tonic water would also eliminate the night time leg cramps many of us old men get. Used to prescribe quinine tablets for that but too many side effects so are no longer available, only for true malaria. Also were available for about $5.00 a bottle. Now are $3.00 a tablet. I keep checking the tonic bottles at the grocery store but none tell how much actual quinine is in each ounce. But, with the gin added who cares?

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On Dec 18, 2019, at 5:05 AM, Mike <@pencoys> wrote:

but the DT's make sending good morse a little difficult

I do like my gin and tonic better! The good news: Since I started drinking
G&T's, I've not had malaria once!
Jack, W8TEE

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