QCX Displayed Frequency vs CW Offset #qcx #manual

Dan Pflugrath

Is the upper left displayed frequency  A)  during receive mode  the transmit frequency or B) is it the transmit frequency netted with the offset frequency in the receive mode.  I thought the displayed frequency should always be the transmit frequency as in A. The manual indicates the cw offset is automatically applied or netted as in B.

I have adjusted the audio filter to center on 600 Hz.  The VFO CW offset is set to 600 Hz and the Keyer CW tone offset frequency is set to 600 Hz.  The audio alignment frequencies were also set accordingly. 

Using the Reverse Beacon Network to verify my transmit frequency when I adjust the display to 14.050000 the transmitted signal is at 14.050600.  Is this correct and  what I should expect or do I have something wrong in the setup?  
Dan KA7GPP    

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