Re: New rig problem,

Alan de G1FXB

You have the advantage of having the item in front of you,
there is little advice that can be offered by third parties without knowing the basics such as voltage checks.
Hans provides you a table in the build manual, taken with the QCX inbuilt volt meter function of what they should be.
These may (will) differ to those taken by a separate instrument,
so please annotate your results with what method you chose so we can easily review your findings.

Also a couple of well lit & in focus images of the build may help.

With minimal ESD precautions it's unlikely to be "blown" components during assembly,
most likely soldering / physical construction errors. ie for RX issues:-
T1 winding phasing / enamel not completely removed
AF pot legs not electrically connected to pads

regards Alan

On 12/12/2019 13:11, g4oge@... wrote:
Hi, I can see my last message so that one is answered, thanks, I have built a new 40m rig fired it up and started alignment procedure, got the first part in tolerance (i-Q Bal) after adjusting the windings on T1, on coming to the next stage I have no audio (I hear a click when switching on the rig through the ear piece), in the Phase low section I have only 00 for the number top right and the scale indicator is one bar only, the gain control has no effect at all, I have checked soldering and so on, I have traced the audio route and see no problems, through experiment I found that if I touch the audio test point (left of the gain control knob top of three open holes) with a screw driver the bar indicator shoots up to two thirds of the way and the gain control also works, the number also goes to 5 maximum but still no audio, I'm wondering if I have blown something whilst soldering in components!, do I have another paper weight before me?.

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