New rig problem,

Albert Rowe

Hi, I can see my last message so that one is answered, thanks, I have built a new 40m rig fired it up and started alignment procedure, got the first part in tolerance (i-Q Bal) after adjusting the windings on T1, on coming to the next stage I have no audio (I hear a click when switching on the rig through the ear piece), in the Phase low section I have only 00 for the number top right and the scale indicator is one bar only, the gain control has no effect at all, I have checked soldering and so on, I have traced the audio route and see no problems, through experiment I found that if I touch the audio test point (left of the gain control knob top of three open holes) with a screw driver the bar indicator shoots up to two thirds of the way and the gain control also works, the number also goes to 5 maximum but still no audio, I'm wondering if I have blown something whilst soldering in components!, do I have another paper weight before me?.

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