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Brien Pepperdine <brianpepperdine@...>

Version is 1.00e.... which I knew was old and the intention of course was to order a new chip from QRPLabs... so I will do so forthwith. Probably get amp too at same time unless the amp orders are too stacked up.

From what I can see this was a fairly recent improvement though for sidetone? Nov 2019?

1.02 06.Nov.2019 - Eliminate the faint “Woodpecker” clicking when S-meter active, tuning or CW decoder updates
- Eliminate click at start end end of sidetone audio burst (that was due to sudden change in DC bias)


Brian VE3VAW

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From: Hans Summers <hans.summers@...>
Date: December 12, 2019 at 7:50 AM

Hi Brian

What is your firmware version? Version 1.02 improved things in this regard too.

73 Hans G0UPL

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 3:48 PM Brien Pepperdine < brianpepperdine@...> wrote:

So, I did the mod on my 40m QCX a couple weeks ago.. replacing the original 10 uf electrolytic caps with the recommended 1 uf ceramic caps at C21 and C22 (IIRC).

Anyhow, though it is not what it was before, there still remains a bit of a thump on the keying. Is this the way it others experience this?

I think I would find it fatiguing over time... in fact I did have a (rare) 45 minute rag-chew QSO last week - but not on the QCX.

Which is to say that if this was lessened to the tolerable level/removed then I would love to pair it up with the new 50 watt amp.

Anyhow, comments are welcome. I will admit I hear the same sort of thing on the Dave Benson DDS rigs from around 2002 or so.


Brian VE3VAW




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