Re: Two QCX kits (80m and 40) - both with shorts on Si5351A - fixed

George Korper

I love that iron and had mine for years and just replaced with the same.
Now thanks to you and Amazon, I will have a good solder. Appreciate the 
help. Thank you.

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 4:27 AM ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...> wrote:
one last thing... soldering iron.

The average one I see in use by people is a reasonable quality temperature controlled
unit turned too far up with a cruddy tip with rough edges.  Replace the tip turn it down
and try to not use the tip as a chisel.   

Hint put it back in the holder without cleaning it after making a joint.  Clean it on the
way out and make sure its shiny clean before touching the joint.  If it gets dark and
grungy too fast its likely way to hot.

Or an el cheapo that run at 900 degrees or hotter, with a cruddy black tip.
Get a soldering iron!

Both users tend to have terrible soldering and complain they can't get the solder to melt
and they burn up boards in the process.  The tip has to be clean to transfer heat.  If you
beat it up or use poor solder and high heat (trying to get it to work) that tends to destroy
tips amazingly fast.  I've see a few kill a tip in hours.
I tend to use tips for literally thousands of hours (years) of build time.  Quality solder,
good care, and moderate temps.  

I bought the current Weller WES51 some 20 years ago and the current tip is more than
3 years old.  The only thing was to repair the cord to the handle.  My other iron is a
really old TCP60 (curie point temp control) from about 1979ish, the .25" wide tip on
that is maybe 10 or more years old.  I use that for SMT parts as its wide!

Please reply on list so we can share.
Off list email goes to trash, I had to due to scrapers.

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