Re: Two QCX kits (80m and 40) - both with shorts on Si5351A - fixed


What did you use?

I do not advise using any of the no-lead solders.  They do not rework well and
generally need more heat.  More pain that gain.

The standard here in my lab is the same for the last 40+ years Kester 44, 37/63 SN/PB alloy
in .031" diameter.  I also use the .020 and .040 diameter of the same at any given time
I have all three sizes in 1pound spools on the shelf.  Its not cheap.

KESTER part number  24-6337-0027 

An alternate some use is the 245 no clean in the .031 63/37 also kester.

Please reply on list so we can share.
Off list email goes to trash, I had to due to scrapers.

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