Re: Two QCX kits (80m and 40) - both with shorts on Si5351A - fixed

Nick Austen

Hi Geoff

The stray resistor leg was one still floating around after clean-up - I have been building electronics things on and off for about 45 years :)
I had enjoyed the kit for about 24 hrs - and, through lack of self discipline, was listening to 40m on the QCX while cleaning up :) - a discarded lead was accidentally projected into the air and down onto the kit.

Thanks for reiterating the issue of meter voltages and their potential to cause damage. I typically use a CRO first and should take more case with the meter.
Interesting to note that for my cheap "Micron" (no-name) meter, I measure the following voltages across the probes for the selected resistance range settings:
  • Diode-check => 2.88 V
  • 200 ohms => 2.88 V
  • all other ranges => 560 mV 
Not 15 V but still worth keeping in mind.

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