Re: Setting up & alignment problems.


If you have no audio thats the starting point.

First check to see that you have 5V at the regulator output.  Then does the display light and communicate.

The volume control due to location of other parts is tricky so make sure you
haven't shorted the terminals or not connected them!

turn the volume up some and with headphone plugged it can you hear any
hiss?   Touch a screw driver tip to the middle (wiper lead) of the volume
control hear a click or buzz?

WIth a  simple meter (digital or analog) measure voltages at 
IC 10 pin1 and IC9 pin 1 do they come close to the listed voltages in
the manual?

NOTE use the trouble shooting procedure in the manual.  Simple
problems can be hard to find if this (radio construction or electronics)
is all new to you.

Since you didn't solder in the SI5153 if its not doing its thing look at
what you did solder like the ATMEGA328P MPU socket.  

Please reply on list so we can share.
Off list email goes to trash, I had to due to scrapers.

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