Re: Setting up & alignment problems.

Dave Edwards

Albert....I was in your shoes EXACTLY last night.

I never made it to the phase lo and phase high, because the I-Q balance just showed 0...or perhaps it was 1, But, either way....did not have any effect when twiddling the trimmer cap.

From the little bit of panic reading I did, I was able to guess that I should first check the 3 clock signals. Do you have a scope?

I can help you with those, but another thing to check is to buzz out with an ohm meter each of the windings of that the start of the 38 turn winding should show a short to its' end. And similarly, each of the 5 turn windings should show a short from start to end on the circuit board.

In my case, the second winding (5 turns) did not show a short from the two pads where it should be soldered.  Too small for me to tell what the heck was going on, so I yanked the transformer, and started it over this morning. Then, it worked....and I went through the rest of the alignment, and made a contact this morning!!

On 12/10/19 2:17 PM, g4oge@... wrote:
Hi, I've built a 40 meter version of the QCX, and I am trying to Align i-Q balance, phase lo and phase high, I have no audio, and the adjustment number (top right of display) is constantly 00 wherever the volume is, I have gone over the board and re-soldered and checked for solder jumps, I checked 2 pairs of phones but no sound, not sure where to start even, any advice appreciated. Albert

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