Re: No output QCX 40 output drains show 1.6 watts in receive

Alan G4ZFQ

 I replaced the three BS 170's  in the amp and using
internal wattmeter show no output

and 1.6 watts on the drains during receive..
The wattmeter only gives sensible results on the output when going into a dummy load. All other checks should be with the voltmeter.

I replaced Q5 and no difference.
Check Q6 voltages. Your "1.6 watts" seems to show that is faulty.
Also check IC3 voltages.
>Not sure which voltages to check.
As in the manual.

Do you know what happened to cause this? Any observations?

73 Alan G4ZFQ
I realize there should be no watts on the drain in receive as I checked my QCX 20.

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