Re: New qcx build, and problems

Dave Edwards

Ron...that is what I thought. That is how I read it.  The high from the cpu AND gates the clk2 signal along to antenna.


I was told pin 10 of IC3 is active only when in alignment mode.

What's more....I tested that out, and the clock signal only showed up at pin 10 when I was in alignment mode.  I don't get it!!

But....I was buzzing out the transformer, and found my winding 2 to not be making the correct continuity. So....I'll rewind that tomorrow, and give it another


Thanks for chiming in!


On 12/9/19 5:16 PM, Ronald Taylor wrote:
Dave, actually CLK2 signal SHOULD be on pin 10 of IC3 all the time. But it should only be on pin 8, as well as coming into the antenna port end of the low pass filter and into the receiver when in the alignment mode. This mode is turned on when a high from the microprocessor comes in to pin 9 of IC3. 

You should probably check continuity through the bandpass filter as a starting point. If all that looks good then check out Hans’ troubleshooting procedure on the website. It tells some steps to take to troubleshoot the receiver front end. 

73..... Ron

On Mon, Dec 9, 2019 at 07:41 Dave Edwards <kd2e@...> wrote:

Just finished my QCX yesterday....No joy!!

Can anyone tell me if the Clk2 signal at IC3, pin 10 should be there even before entering into alignment?

(clk0, and clk1 are).

I had no signal during Peak BPF ...on display, or headphones.

Thanks all!


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