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Hi Hans,
Trying GPS with 1.02b and 1.03, I get some small problems :
I've tried 2 GPS modules: VK2828U7G5LF integrated antenna (old), Neo-6M external SMA antenna,
Pb1 - I never got "f" data other than __ and datas displayed (A 3D) seems not very acurate (puting the GPS module to ucenter give a good 3D fix)
Pb2 - with the VK2828 i never gain menu 8.12 and 8.11 working (I plan to check the PPS output of this module to check if it's not too small -as you wrote somewhere)
Pb3 - the most important (but not a great problem if we are aware of it) :
the first time after startup I go to the 8.12 menu the calibration frequency show an erroneous number 20,032693 20,024373 20,018131 (the good one for me is 20,006124) and write it in the 8.6 data
rotating the selector to switch on 8.11 then, about 4s after, go back to 8.12 then it compute the (assuming) true calibration number
As the system frequency is only used for timing purpose, it seem to be very far from critical but i'd prefer to warn you
Pb3 is the same with 1.02b and 1.03
Best 73
FR4SW - F1MQJ - QCX 20m - not yet used

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