Re: QCX 1485 is alive!

Kirby Cave WB3BBC


Thanks for the reply!  I went ahead and removed 5 turns from secondary 3 of T1 as you suggested and that seems to have done the trick!  Now the trimmer cap is about half meshed when the BPF is peaked.  In my impatience in unsoldering the wire of T1 I lifted the pad off the board!   But once I verified I had removed enough turns I was able to scrape the mask off the adjoining trace, bend the T1 wire over to make contact with the tinned trace, and resolder.  Must have worked because once I fired it up again I promptly made my first QCX QSO with a station in this weekends SKCC Sprint!  He gave me RST 529, but hey, I’m running 4 watts!  Thanks again...

73 - Kirby  WB3BBC

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